Like so many out there, I had reason to be self conscious about my complexion as a young man. From my early teenage years right through to my thirties I suffered with a skin condition that, aside from the detrimental effect on my appearance, deprived me of self confidence. At times the anguish was all-consuming, it rendered me miserable and borderline depressed. It was that powerful.

To the un-afflicted, it’s difficult to explain how an inferior complexion can affect your self esteem. I remember so many occasions where I would avoid socialising, opting instead to shelter at home, away from what I perceived would be public scrutiny about my appearance.

Walking into a bar or nightclub with friends, I would hold my breath for favourable lighting that would aid efforts to disguise my cosmetic shortcomings. The euphoria of discovering a dark setting would only be matched by the horror of a well-lit one.


Speaking to friends that I would have credited with near perfect skin I was surprised how even they were prone to frustration with their appearance from time to time. I came to realise that, by varying degrees, all men suffer with their skin and a recognised solution has proven elusive.


This has been the driving force behind my decision to create NOUVEAUMAN. I wanted to provide men with the confidence to use makeup and experience the self-confidence it can provide, similar to which our female counterparts have long enjoyed.


So join me in the revolution, explore our range of products and become a NOUVEAUMAN today.

Paul Jacques


Paul Jacques NOUVEAU MAN Founder