Our BLENDING SPONGE SET gives you a perfect makeup application with less product.


These sponges provide a smooth appearance without any streaks, and more importantly, they do not absorb a lot of product, which is an excellent choice for beginners.


The colorful makeup sponge set comes with one teardrop and one cut surface foundation sponge. The soft feeling and bouncy sponge makes it easy to distinguish for different use.


Non-latex material, vegan, durable & reusable. Wet and dry dual-use


FREE with all of our BB Tinted Moisturiser Creams ,Concealers & Foundations


*Colours may vary


  • Before each use, run it under your tap until it is fully soaked. You will notice that your sponge will almost double in size. The foam material in the blender absorbs the water instead of absorbing the product, leaving more on your skin.

    Once soaked squeeze it out so that it remains damp. Do not wring out all the excess water.

    Once you have applied the product to the face or blemish, blend by gentle patting the product into the skin. We do not recommend dragging the blender across your face.

    Apply gradually in layers for a seamless, uniform finish without streaks or lines.